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Best Web-Based WYSIWYG Editors

18th April, 2009

There are so many wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) editors out there that it can sometimes become a hard task just to find one that does what you want, without being to complicated or just not complex enough. So I thought that I would do a short post about my top three web based HTML wysiwyg editors ranging from the simple to not-so-simple.


My favorite out of the list has to be NicEdit. This little editor is easy to set up, and when I say easy I mean easy (two lines of code for the basic layout), simple to use and looks great too. Even though its small, and aims to be lightweight it still has an impressive set of functions available that rival some of the bigger editors out there.



Next up is TinyMCE and in my view I think its one of the best fully featured online wysiwyg editors. This editor has practically every tool you could think of. Its easy to implement, supports AJAX fetching and retrieval and is compatible with a wide range of browsers.



Lastly FCKeditor. This is another editor that offers almost everything you could ever need. Its very browser-friendly and offers a large selection of integration packs allowing it to support a large range of codes. On top of all this, just like the others, its lightweight and easy to set up.

All of these editors are free to use and are customizable if you are prepared to put in that extra bit of work Big Grin

Thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment if you want to know more, ask a question or just say hi Smile


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