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iPhone OS 3.0

20th May, 2009

The iPhone is one of Apples most revolutionary products sparking a whole range of other touch screen phones in its wake. The iPhone 3G has just recently been ranked "Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Consumer Smartphones" and has proved itself a big contender in the mobile phone market.

Apple are currently building the latest iPhone operating system known as OS 3.0. It includes many new features and should be released in the summer although a final release date has not yet been set.

iPhone 3.0

Below I have listed just some of new new features that will be coming to the iPhone Big Grin.

  • A new search feature allowing the iPhone to be searched from its own dedicated home screen. This is similar to spotlight on a Mac but on your iPhone instead.

  • The ability to cut, copy and paste text and images. This was a big user request.

  • MMS, in other words multimedia messaging will now be supported on the iPhone 3G.

  • Horizontal keyboard feature added for writing emails and texts.

  • New API's for developers allowing apps to have more functionality and possibilities such as multiplayer gaming through Bluetooth.

  • Stereo Bluetooth A2DP audio. This will enable you to stream your music/phone calls through Bluetooth adding possibilities for wireless bluetooth headphones etc.

  • Applications built by Apple such as Voice memo, to obviously to record memos Smile and the possibility to send and receive files between devices. Also turn-by-turn navigation - meaning you iPhone, with a third party app, could also become your new full satellite navigation.

  • Push notifications, enabling your iPhone to get updates and receive information from the Internet automatically as it becomes available.

There are rumors that the OS, along with a new iPhone device could be launched at or around the time of Apples WWDC on June 8 - 12.

The new iPhone is rumored to have a built in compass, higher quality camera, more memory (32GB vision) , faster processor and a slightly different design (no silver band and a rubber/matte type back). Some even go as far as to say the new iPhone will have a glowing Apple logo!

But remember the reliability of these rumors are not that trust worthy. So its a matter of wait and see.

Thanks for reading, and as always, feel free to leave comments Big Grin


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