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Top 5 iPad App's of August 2011

26th August, 2011

So you have an iPad and it's ready and waiting for some new Apps. Well this post should be just what your looking for. Below is my rundown of the top 5 fun iPad App's to download right now (August 2011).

So go grab you iPad and check them out!

Cut the Rope HD

This is a really addictive little app that looks great and gives you hours of entertaining rope cutting fun.

The aim is simple, cut the ropes in order to get the sweet/candy to Om Nom (the little character sitting at the bottom of the screen). Theres loads of different levels and the developers did a really good job of keeping it interesting throughout.

cut the rope HD screenshots

Real Racing 2 HD

I would say this is currently one of the best, if not the best racing app available in the app store today. The graphics are amazing and controls easy to use. Theres loads of different tracks to race and a great multiplayer feature that lets you race with other people around the world!

Also it's one of the few app's that supports connecting to a TV (but it's iPad 2 only and requires an Apple Digital AV Adapter, HDMI cable and a TV thats HDMI-compliant), so you can have the race on the big screen in full 1080p with your controls and stats on the ipad.

real racing 2 HD screenshots


djay is great fun and transforms your iPad into a DJ system. Select music from your iPod library and load it onto the mixing table. Do the same with another song and start djaying! The app also allows you to record your masterpieces for later playback Smile

You don't need to be a pro djay to use it though and its very easy and intuitive to pickup the basics. Other features include pre-cueing, adding cue points, looping, adjusting BPM (beats per minute) and more.

djay on ipad screenshot

Angry Birds HD

It's now become a classic worldwide known game and what better place to play it than on an iPad! The graphics are great and it offers loads of different levels that will keep you entertained all day. Defiantly a game worth checking out!

angry birds HD screenshots


GarageBand is another music based app, but again you don't need to be an expert to use it. Apple has built in 'smart instruments' which allow anyone to play and record their own music. It's great fun and easy to use with an amazingly well designed interface.

garageband screenshots

If you think I missed out any App's, or want to know something specific about one, feel free to leave a comment, thanks.



30th August, 2011 at 11:44 am

Nice list

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