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Top 5 Web Browsers

05th June, 2009

There are so many browsers available to download out there that knowing which one's best for you can sometimes be a real problem. Today I thought that a run down of my top 5 browsers would make a good post topic.

Now because there are so many out there I have narrowed it down to the 5 most well known browsers commonly used on the web. I will be testing Opera 9.64, Firefox 3.0.9, Safari 4, Internet Explorer 7.0 and Google Chrome 2.0 to come up with my best web browser.

browser logos
I thought that to help me decide on the best browser I would run a few tests. These will be:

- Start up times
- Compatibility
- Ease of use
- Customization
- Feature set
- Security

So first off, start up times. Each browser (fresh install) will be launched on the same computer (Windows OS) with the same conditions. The home page set on each browser will be Google. Now this is no way a truly 100% reliable and scientific browser start up time analysis Big Grin, but it should give us a pretty good idea of each browsers loading time.

Chrome took 1.1 seconds to fully load.
Opera opened in 2.0 seconds.
Firefox in 2.4 seconds.
Safari loaded up in 2.7 seconds.
Lastly Internet Explorer came in with a start up time of 3.0 seconds.

As we can see from above, Chrome came out as the fastest to load. However these results could vary on a different set up (although in theory Chrome should still have the fastest load up time when compared to the others providing its all done on the same system Smile).

Next I took a look at the compatibility of each browser with different types of operating system.

Opera had a wide range of builds available and will run on Windows, Mac OSX, Liunx, FreeBSD, Solaris, QNX, OS/2 and beOS.

Firefox has builds for, Windows, Mac OSX and Linux up for download.

Safari has compatibility with Mac OS X and Windows.

Lastly Internet explorer and chrome are only compatible with Windows OS.

So the winner of this section is clearly Opera as you can run it on 8 different operating systems.

Ease of use is an important part of any browser. If you cant use it, what's the point Smile.

Having used all 5 of the browsers I have to say that I find Firefox to be one of the easiest to use. I think that if you need something, its there and its easy to find. Bookmarking sites takes just one click and the shortcuts are easy to pick up on. Not far off from Firefox comes Safari which is also really simple to use.

Customizations and add-ons for browsers can really help too. Again here I have to say that Firefox is the king of add-ons and plugins. The range is so vast, and anyone can make an add-on if they wish. Some of them can be really useful and I really recommend checking out the list.

Feature set is an interesting one. All of the browsers have their own unique features but one that I myself like is the fact that as you type in a URl on Chrome, it also searches Google at the same time, giving suggestions at you type.

Chrome URL search

Lastly security is a big issue these days so having a safe browser always helps Smile.
I noticed that all of the browsers now have anti-phishing protection and are all similar in how they try to protect you when online. So I think that really, they are all the same security wise as I can see no major differences between them.

Overall I would have to say that Firefox comes out best and although its not the fastest at opening, its not the slowest either. It has a great range of plugins and add-ons and is compatible with all three main operating systems. Its also really easy to use and looks great too Smile.

Firefox Win
But hay thats just my opinion, if you think different about any of the above feel free to leave me a comment! Big Grin

Thanks for reading



07th July, 2009 at 1:20 am

I think I will try to recommend this post to my friends and family, cuz it's really helpful.

07th July, 2009 at 10:30 am

Hi, thanks for that. Great to know that you liked it Big Grin :D

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