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YouTube Tips, Tricks and Hacks

11th August, 2009

YouTube, the biggest online video site. Nearly everyone goes on or has heard of YouTube, but do they know about the various tips, tricks and hacks that are possible. In this quick post I thought that I would go over some of the less well known hidden features and workarounds YouTube has to offer. Read on and become a YouTube pro!

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One of the first great tips that I have to give is how to watch basicly any YouTube clip in a higher quality (up to 720p if available). If your watching a YouTube video, and want to see it in high quality just add &fmt=22 to the end of the video url.

For example a normal video clip will look something like this:

To watch it in its highest quality simply add the parameter to the end, as shown below

Did you know that its posible to download YouTube videos? All you need to do is get the url (website address) of the YouTube video and paste it into a YouTube video download site such as

If you just want the sound of a video, simply use the same process as above, but paste the url into a site such as This site will save the videos sound as an mp3 file.

Ever come across a YouTube video thats not available were you are (not available in your region)? Or has been flagged by some anoying user as being inappropriate, but its clearly not? Then this little hack will give you a simple workaround.

Get the videos ID (bold text), for my example video its

Then copy the videos ID in to the new url shown below

So in my case it would be

Want to show someone part of a YouTube video, and dont want them to have to sit through a long irrelevant section first? Then use this little trick to set the start time of the video. Add #t=MINUTES-HEREmSECONDS-HEREs to the end of the url. For example if I wanted to start my example video 16 seconds in I would write the url as follows

If you like watching YouTube videos but dont like all the distractions around them then this little Firefox addon is for you. It enables you to dim down everything around the video making it a much better viewing experience for long clips.

I left this until last as its more of a fun thing to do when you have some spare time Big Grin. Its a spinning 3D cube, that allows you to add a YouTube video to each side of it. Mess around with it and when you done send a link to your friends!

Thats it for now Smile. If you know of any other YouTube tricks, tips or hacks that I have missed out or just want to say hi leave me a coment Big Grin

Thanks for reading


Ellie T

08th October, 2009 at 11:48 pm

This is awesome, so easy to download videos and mp3s now, whee thanks!

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