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Uh oh, this sites getting old now. You can find some of my latest work at the link below while I develop the new, responsive, HTML5 version! Thanks.

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  • Family Tree Project

    Family Tree Screenshots
    Family Tree Screenshots
    Family Tree Screenshots

    View the Family Tree Web App Project

    The app is intended to give children from the ages of 7 to 11 the chance to create their very own Family Tree using some of the latest web and design technologies, whilst being as simple and friendly to use as possible.It allows for users to create, save and update their family tree. The users can also upload images of each person. Technology wise the App makes use of PHP, Javascript and Flash. For users to save/edit their tree it needs to be constantly connected to the Internet as it uses Ajax requests to save/load the data from the server database. It has been designed to make use of the entire screen space and not only works on IE6, IE7, IE8, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome but also as a fully featured touch enabled Web App on the iPad.

  • David Goulds - Luminar


    David Gould

    The website has been custom designed from the ground up for David Gould, a professional musician. The website provides information on David, a contact form and a music page that allows visitors to preview, pay & download digital copies of his music. The site has been integrated with Paypals payment system and provides a fully featured and secure way of delivering digital goods to users. Amongst other features thank you and system emails, error reporting, time & download limits have all been implemented to make the site as easy as possible to maintain and use while still remaining secure. The site makes use of php and Javascript technologies to accomplish all of this and is cross-browser, non-Javascript and non-Flash compatible.

  • EventVids


    EventVids is a website designed to offer videos of equestrian events. It is easily expandable to suit other video topics. The site is dynamic and includes shopping cart facilities along with an order tracking system.

  • G C Johnson

    G C Johnson Homepage
    G C Johnson page
    G C Johnson Contact page

    G C Johnson is a website that has been custom designed from the ground up. It features some of the latest web technologies and design ideas around and makes use of a custom PHP backend.

  • Soundlab Studios


    Soundlab Studios

    Soundlab Studios is a website designed for a professional recording and rehearsal company. It features the latest in Javascript/Ajax technologies, is cross-browser & non-Javascript compatible and has been built on a solid PHP foundation.

  • Home Couture

    Home Couture Homepage
    Home Couture Portfolio
    Home Couture Testimonials

    Home Couture Interior Designer

    Home Couture is a website created for an Interior Designer. The site is custom built and offers vistors Interior Design services in Essex & London.







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